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          Remote Labs          

Remote Labs is a subscription-based offering (perpetual license also available) that gives digital access to laboratory content that Universities can use to either substitute or complement their classes and laboratories.

These labs are performed here at our company using our EMB products in addition to industrial and research grade instrumentation. 

 A vast amount of content is included with the Remote Labs, including detailed videos explaining the experiments and components used (for instance, motors, encoder, potentiometers, and gears), the experiment itself (multiple runs for each), all the data collected for each run (raw/pre-processed and post-processed data), all diagrams and figures (including SVG format for instructors to change the native figures). 

The main disciplines of these labs are Dynamic Systems and Controls, Mechatronics, Theory of Machines and Mechanisms.

Content is added to the library in an "on-going basis", as we are constantly adding more experiments and material.

Experiments include (but not limited to):

- Spring-Mass-Damper Experiments, including parameter variation
- Free and Forced Vibrations
- Rack and Pinion Plants
- Belt Driven Linear Systems
- P, PI, PD, PID Controller for position control
- P, PI, PD, PID Controller for velocity control (rate controller)
- State-Space for position control
- State-Space for velocity control
- Compliant rotary shaft (flexible shaft)
- Multi-DOF Spring-Mass-Damper experiments, including parameter variation
- Feedback devices, potentiometer and encoder
- Spur gears, miter gears, timing-belt/flat belt/round belts
- Frequency response of a dynamic system
- Inertia Matching by gear ratio selection 
- Open-loop control and Closed-looped control response 

- Rotary friction study
- Inertia Matching by gear ratio selection 
- 4-Bar Linkage Experiments
- Hardware Development - Prototyping Lecture

Licensing is available as campus-wide or to a specific group/class/laboratory class.

Bellow are examples of plants in Remote Labs. Note that the Remote Labs content is of higher image/video/audio quality than the marketing material bellow (freely available).

Remote Labs is an affordable way to add remote laboratory experience to your engineering program.
For a quote or to place an order, contact us.

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