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Who are we?

Founded in 2020, Robots5 LLC develops and manufactures the Electro-Mechanical Breadboard system (EMB), for hands-on prototyping, teaching, and research. 

Alongside the development of the EMB, Robots5 also offers engineering consulting services. 
Before starting Robots5, our founder Felipe led the mechanical engineering development of several robotic systems at Bossa Nova Robotics (Pittsburgh, PA) and at Vecna Robotics (Boston, MA).
He has been working as an engineer for robotics companies for more than a decade.

Felipe Depine
 holds a B.Sc. and an M.Sc. degrees in Mechanical Engineering with focus in Dynamic Systems and Controls from the Florida Institute of Technology (Melbourne, Florida, USA). 

Why educational products?

A trip down memory lane... Felipe's passion for educational tools started during childhood at a woodshop, making machines and mechanisms to learn physics principles. A bit later, with LEGO and basic electronics building robots. For a high school physics class, he built a wind tunnel and more robots.
During college years, Felipe always found useful to create experiments to better understand engineering concepts, such as a ball in a tube, motor control using a PIC microcontroller, a PID motor controller and a balancing robots with state-space controllers.

Clients include:

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