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Computer Aided Design

- SolidWorks Premium, including  3D CAD, advanced surfacing tools, sheetmetal, weldments, BOM generation, 2D drawings, animation, routing of pipes/tubes, routing of electrical cabling/harnesses, costing tool, reverse engineering (ScanTo3D), photorealistic rendering, ECAD/MCAD collaboration,Visualize, CAM, PDM

- Fusion360 Professional


Computer Aided Engineering

- SolidWorks Simulation Premium, including static, fatigue, kinetic and kinematic motion, thermal, frequency, drop test, nonlinear, plastic deformation/residual stress, composite material analysis, dynamic analysis, internal flow CFD, tolerance stack up analysis, 4-bar linkage and mechanism synthesis tools


Computer Aided Manufacturing

- Fusion 360 Professional, CAM and G-Code

- BossONE LightBURN laser cutting software

- FormLabs PreForm

- Ultimaker Cura


Dynamic Motion Simulation

- DST Working Model 2D (WM2D)

- SolidWorks Motion Premium

- OpenModelica


Photorealistic Rendering

- Keyshot 11 Pro

- PhotoView360

robot arm iso no background.png

Engineering Mathematics

- Maple 2022
- Maple Flow 2022
- GNU Octave
- Excel

- Python, pysimCoder
- OpenModelica

engineering mathematics 2.jpg

Electronics Development

- KiCad


Laser Cutter and Engraver

- Boss Laser 70W power laser, 14"X20" with side passthrough for larger pieces

Fiber Laser

- OMTech 30W Fiber Laser with 6.9"X6.9" working area, has 4th axis rotary unit

omtech fiber laser

CNC Milling Machine and Lathe

- Levil 4axis CNC milling machine
- Levil 3axis CNC milling machin
- Manual Lathe (2)
- Full machine shop


3D Printer FDM

- Ultimaker S5. Materials: ABS, CPE+, Nylon, TPU95A, PLA, Polycarbonate, Composite, Igus iglidur, PET-G, PP, breakaway/water-soluble support


3D Printer SLA

- Formlabs Form 3B. Materials:
Standard Resins, Tough & Durable Resins, Engineering Resins, Flexible & Elastic Resins, Jewelry Resins, Dental Resins, Medical Resins


Test Equipment

- Power supplies (Agilent, Matsusada, Chroma)
- Oscilloscope (Agilent, Rigol, Tektronix)
- Function generator (Rigol)
- Multimeter (FLUKE)
- Thermal imaging (FLIR)
- Electric load (Kikusui)
- Load cells and force gauges (FUTEK, Imada)
- Torque sensors (FUTEK, Magtrol)
- Accelerometers (MIDE)


Motion Control

- Motors and controllers
- Real-Time hardware/software
- Encoders/Resolvers/Potentiometers
- National Instruments DAQ


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