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Engineering Services

Robots5 provides engineering and design services. 

Our deliverables often include full system or subsystems, prototypes, CAD, engineering design documentation, PCBs, software, assembly fixtures, test equipment, sourcing of suppliers, and design recommendations.
We also work with Universities to develop custom lab equipment and assist with research projects.

With a full machine shop and electronics lab in-house, we can quickly and efficiently create proof-of-theory, proof-of-concept, functional prototypes, and short production runs.

Electro-Mechanical Engineering and Design
- Machine design
- Mechatronics

- Actuators 
- Sensors
- Motion Control
- PCBs
- Computer module and battery
- Enclosure design
- Arms and end effectors
- Sensor Field of View study
- IP rating
- UI & UX
- Cable/Wire Harness
- Frame 
- Sheetmetal, casting, machined parts

- Drivetrain
- Industrial Design
- Charging station
- Surfacing
- Product rendering

- Mechanism synthesis
- Gears

- Cam
- Linkages
- Energy systems/springs/dampeners
- Motion simulation and animation
- Actuator selection and sizing

- CNC machining
- 3D Printing (SLA and FDM)
- Laser cutting and marking (CO2 and fiber)

- Breadboarding
- Alpha & Beta builds
- Assembly
- Proof of Concept / Proof of Theory

Design Validation and Testing
- FEA (linear & non-linear)
- Dynamic studies
- FLIR thermal cameras
- Dynamometer
- Measuring equipment
- Electronics test equipment
- Real-time hardware and software

Frequently Asked Questions (related to our Services)

1 - What are examples of projects Robots5 worked on?
We have assisted our clients with projects ranging from spacecrafts (CubeSats), autonomous car payloads, mechanism designs for capital investment equipment, custom educational lab equipment, telepresence robots, test equipment machines, warehouse robots, to biomedical instrument development. Please check our "Work" page for examples.

2 - Do you have prototyping capability?
Yes, we strongly believe that engineering and manufacturing need to work closely together, so we have a well equipped shop with CNC 4 axis milling machine, lathes, 3D printers, laser cutters and engraver, electronics workbenches, and a large number of sensors and testing equipment. For a complete list, check our "Capabilities" page.

3 - What fee structure does Robots5 work on?
We are flexible . We usually do Time and Materials (T&M) but also worked in fixed cost projects. 

4 - Do you subcontract or does Robots5 actually do the work?
We do the work! We only subcontract if part of the project involves a discipline/skill that we are not the best fit. We do have a list of preferred supplies and contractors that we've had excellent experience over the years, to supplement our skills. Additionally, we are happy to work with your suppliers and contractors. 

5 - Do you only work in robotics projects?
No, although most of our projects are mechatronics in nature, we also work in projects that don't have electronics or actuators and are "purely mechanical". 

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