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We are here to help!

It is our mission to provide the absolute best products and support to our clients. 

Bellow you will find links to EMB documentation, instructional videos and tutorials, FAQs, and downloads.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, you can always reach out via email or our contact form. 

Downloads and Documentation

- EMB-Safety Manual Rev. 2

- EMB-AM4 Manual Rev. 2

- EMB-SM1 Manual Rev. 2

- EMB-SM2 Manual Rev. 2

- EMB-MM2 Manual Rev. 2

- EMB-LM1 Manual Rev. 2

- EMB-LM2 Manual Rev. 2

- EMB-IM1 Manual Rev. 2

Additional manuals and CAD upon request.

We are also adding content to GitHub.

MATLAB Configuration Files for our DAQs (.ioc) upon request.

Videos and Tutorials

We are actively adding content to our YouTube Channel and social media platforms. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1 - Are your products just for academia?
No, our products can be used in industry too. We use our EMB products for our consulting/engineering contracting practice and have seen a significant reduction in prototyping time for our clients. EMB is particularly effective in "Proof of Theory" and "Proof of Concept" phases of the Product Development Process.

2 - What controller do I need to use with EMB?
EMB is controller, amplifier, and DAQ agnostic. Users can choose from a variety of options, such as our DAQs, Arduino, STM32 NUCLEO, BeagleBone, National Instruments hardware and software (LabVIEW), MATLAB/Simulink, or their own designs.
Our DAQs (EMB-DAQ1 and EMB-DAQ2) are plug-and-play with
C/C++ and pysimCoder (Simulink alternative, free and open-source).

3 - Can I order just modules or do I need to order a kit?
Absolutely! You can order just components, modules, kits, or a full lab. 

4 - Can you design a custom module for my lab?
Yes, we are always excited about new ideas and designs. With engineering and manufacturing resources inhouse, we are very conformable providing custom modules and experiments. 

5 - Do you charge for software or subscription?
No, we don't charge for software and we don't have any subscription.
We are very proud to have a fantastic relationship with the open-source community that, over the years, developed amazing software that can interface with our products.
To learn more about software options, check out software.
We've been very happy with pysimCoder (by
Prof.Roberto Bucher), and strongly recommend it as a Simulink alternative. We can supply a complete workstation with all the software installed and ready to go out of the box.

6 - Can I order pre-assembled plants?
Yes, we can assemble the engineering kits.

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