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The pendulum plant is a classic in dynamic systems and control. This kit can be used to study self-erecting, inverted, and non-inverted pendulum plants.

Learning Objectives

  • Modeling and simulation of dynamic systems

  • Model validation

  • Parameter estimation

  • Linearization

  • Disturbance rejection

  • PID control

  • Discrete State-Space controller

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We offer turnkey and plant only options:

Turnkey kit

Includes the plant, a DAQ, amplifier, Estop button. 

Add-ons include power supply and computer.


Plant only

User provides DAQ, amplifier, Estop button, power supply and computer.


Plant configurations include:

Real-Time Controller

Our kits are designed to work with our DAQs, but can be easily interfaced with other DAQs and microcontrollers.
We use premium components with standard electrical signals.

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